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Weekly Wrap Up: 4.1.12

1 Apr


“You should rename this to: Shit your mom told you but you didn’t want to listen to her cause you thought she was really stupid.” In response to this: …………..from  FB Fan Tricia Wing


This week’s fan favorite is perfect for today!

Most Read Post:

You’re Gonna Get Your Feelers Hurt: Best Friends Fornever & Monster In Lawsat

More than 400 of you joined us on FB as New Bitches this week (thank you!) and we had another 20K reader day here on HBP! Your support is awesome and makes crazy feel not so bad!!!

Be careful out there today, Kittens! There may be a couple of your “friends” waiting to take advantage of your trusting nature in order to entertain themselves with a cheap shot joke.

That’s why I am just going to stay in bed today.

If you do fall victim, though, please share with us so we can laugh at with you!

xoxo Cat


Weekly Wrap Up: 3.3.12

3 Mar

Quote:  Douchebag…there’s an app for that!

I’ve heard of this.. new App. For your celly. Take a pic of yourself, and it shows U, what you would look like if your were a DoucheBag…” from Kelly Stratton  in response to this Daily Fail on Face Book


This week’s fan favorite was a kind of gentle fuck off! I guess it was a harsh day at work?


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Your Gonna Get Your Feelers Hurt: Weiner Isn’t Worth Itat

What’s Up for Artsy Chicks Tomorrow:

 How about some jewelry. Awesomely hand crafted by a hot chick welder? And if you want to win  this kick ass  necklace, you’ll need to check in at  tomorrow and look for the Artsy Chicks post for details.



Make it a great weekend, Kittens! I so love you all for keeping me relevant and laughing along!


xoxo Cat

Weekly Wrap Up 1.14.12

14 Jan

My morning went like this:

The dog crapped on the floor and The Man thought he picked it all up. All three dogs refused to settle the fuck down to get fed . The one that gets shots- hates me and tries to bite me when I walk by. Meanwhile, the neighbor’s cat is begging for food which pisses off my cat and they both proceed to bite my toes then climb my legs until their food is ready. Then I found the dog shit that The Man over looked with my bare foot. All of this before 6:30 AM, happy pill and coffee. Pretty sure it’s going to be a fucktastic day after I drop them all off at the pound.

Quote: “You smoke?” from Amanda Bird in response to this picture….hmmmmm…what’s she trying to say?







Most read bloggity post: Lies From Mommyland: The Baby is Home Now What?

Favorite Pic On Face Book : With 106 likes and 67 shares…








What’s New: Shoe Porn any one?

Tomorrow’s Artsy Chick: My favorite artist and my favorite painting ever. And she’s going to come paint one of these on my office door. Betcha can’t wait to see her stuff tomorrow! Oh, and I think one of you might win a little somethin’ from her.










Stay fabulous, Kittens!


Weekly Wrap Up 1.7.12

7 Jan

Big Shit Happening: I have no idea who, what or why….but this happened this week. If you are responsible for this- please do it again every week. I will send you a gift- maybe even sleep with you. This was a fucktastic surprise…..15,608 blog hits from Monday to Today. Epic.

Quote: “I’d settle for someone to hold my hair back for me”- Stacey Bell on HBP Face Book in response to this:

Most read bloggity post: More Lies From Mommyland– this little bite in the ass got passed around like herpes at a swinger’s party. Must be because every one loves the truth…unless you happen to be about 8 1/2 months pregnant right now. Then maybe you don’t want to read this.

Favorite Pic: With 38 likes and 12 shares…

 What’s New: How about some new Dirty Dictionary word bombs? Coming this week!

Best Bloggity Post I Read: Because my epic go to alibi/ drunk dial /bitch wrote it. And because it’s about The Girl and the wedding shit storm at hand. Yes, planning a wedding in a few weeks is quite easy when you can just hey, “Hey Carrie, Marianne and Tori…will you bitches take care of this so I can not lose my mother fucking mind?” and they are like, “Hells yeah! We love the shit out of weddings!” and I get to go back to writing, sipping wine and NyQuil and general fucktardery. If you don’t have any go to honey badgers in your life- you better get busy getting some. But don’t try to take mine because I will scratch out your eyes.

 Keep it fabulous, Kittens! I sincerely appreciate your stalking me and passing me around to your friends !


Weekly Wrap Up: 9.24.11

24 Sep

Maybe he can take care of the bulge after he gets a refund for his craptastic boobs.” -Laurie Mayfield in regards to a truly shitastic picture I posted  here on FB on 9/19.

We had fun with at this guy on Skinny Cat Facebook.
“Russell Brand in 20 years” -Kathy Low

Most Read Post:
It’s Momster Season. And guess what? Anonym Ass has yet to reply. Sigh, I was truly hoping for some bitchtastic banter.

What’s Up for Artsy Chicks Tomorrow:
Do you know an Artsy Chick who would like to be featured tomorrow? Leave a comment below with a link to her Etsy and/or FaceBook page!

Next Week’s Fail Theme:

Sex toys. Yeah, there are lots of fails in this category! Get your eye bleach ready!

What’s New:

How about some more Dirty Dictionary vocabulary?

Best Bloggity Post I Read:

If you’re a dating girl, guy or smart ass pirate; you have to check this blog out. Most times funny and other times creepy scary.

Big Red Flags…Those Warning Signs You Spotted But Chose To Ignore

Weekend Wrap Up: 9.3.11

3 Sep

Picture of the week:

Happy Birthday, Cynie Bugs!!!
I looooovvvvvve you!
Me & my Big Sister Cynie Bugs


From Stacey Bell on Skinny Cat Facebook in regards to my posting about some sick ass whorebag…

“NyQuil: The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, holy shit! There’s a dragon in my kitchen! medicine.” 

Most Read Post:

This thing went viral and racked up 400 hits in 2 hours. Spank you, to the fabulous person responsible for that! I have no idea who is responsible for this but I would love to know so I can dispatch a hot oil nekkid butt rub to you!

More Lies From Mommyland

What’s Up For Artsy Chicks Tomorrow:

Tomorrow’s Artsy Chick is my Big Sister , Ugs! These are her paintings BUT she also is a photographer, antique collector and jewelry hound. So aren’t you lucky that you get to shop her Etsy site tomorrow! Show my sister some love tomorrow!

Bloggity of The Week:
I’m picking my BFF Carrie’s blog…it was her birthday on Wednesday and man when I say it was high drama- you have no idea. So go show her some birthday love and a group hug!

Rocker Mom Rambles: I Have Lots To Say About Nothing

Rocker Mom FaceBook Page: How about some likes for the birthday girl!

8.27.11 Weekly Wrap Up

27 Aug

From Christina Rudofsky… “like you need an excuse…”
In response to my FB post on 8/23…see it here!


We went on a little road trip Thursday & Friday to see more of West Texas and stopped in at Palo Duro Canyon. I would love to go back to this place and rent a cabin in the park, hike around and hang with my girls. No cell phones, no internet and no boys! If you haven’t been here plan a trip. It is stunning.



Most Read Post:

What’s Up for Artsy Chicks Tomorrow:
Creations that are beautiful, functional, and durable… these gadget cases are amazing!

Best Bloggity Post I Read:

One of my fave Bloggers is Daddy Knows Less. If you haven’t checked out the shits & giggles there, well, you are missing out! I totally pissed myself laughing at this Dude Looks Like A Lady
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