Weekly Wrap Up: 4.1.12

1 Apr


“You should rename this to: Shit your mom told you but you didn’t want to listen to her cause you thought she was really stupid.” In response to this: http://tiny.cc/bpl2bw …………..from  FB Fan Tricia Wing


This week’s fan favorite is perfect for today!

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You’re Gonna Get Your Feelers Hurt: Best Friends Fornever & Monster In Lawsat http://tiny.cc/2vl2bw

More than 400 of you joined us on FB as New Bitches this week (thank you!) and we had another 20K reader day here on HBP! Your support is awesome and makes crazy feel not so bad!!!

Be careful out there today, Kittens! There may be a couple of your “friends” waiting to take advantage of your trusting nature in order to entertain themselves with a cheap shot joke.

That’s why I am just going to stay in bed today.

If you do fall victim, though, please share with us so we can laugh at with you!

xoxo Cat

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