Artsy Chicks: Erin Cunnigham

4 Mar

Erin is one of my very own artsy chick friends. I count  painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelry makers and welders among my friends. They make stunning art I could never imagine- much less execute. Erin was at my wedding and when we discovered we had no holders for our tea light candles- she grabbed scissors and empty beer cans and crafted sparkle-casting- romantic-perfectly-us candle holders. That, my Kittens, is a true artist. She can make anything beautiful and useful. She made a cast iron plate with lace imprints for our wedding present. She MADE a cast iron plate for us. Wow! You can win this metal and silver rivet necklace  from Erin’s collection today! See details here:

I have a thing for silver and texture. I prefer silver jewelry over gold. If I wear a ring (which is seldom) , I would prefer something with texture and some thought put into it. If it comes from a jewelry store and it’s mass produced- no thank you.  I am a giant fan of hand-made pieces – something no one else will ever have. Erin can custom make your ideas- the translation from your head to wearable one of a kind art is quite beautiful! Now that says “I love you forever” to me! Two of my favorite pieces from Erin are the tough knuckle ring (bottom center) and the pebble necklace (center left).


I have long been in love with the ability to work and manipulate metal, all metals. My training as an artist has taken on a journey in which this material has always had some sort of presence, whether it be as a silversmith, steel fabricator, cast bronze welder, or iron caster. I would now like to just consider myself an “experimenter” and “creator” of wearable treasures.

From lace textures to hardware store findings to fancy sapphires, my designs vary as much as my material combinations. The work doesn’t seem to follow one particular design aesthetic but rather involves some form of technical experimentation.

See The Artsy Chicks: Erin Cunningham’s Work Here:


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  1. Shawna Brewer March 4, 2012 at 2:15 PM #

    Gorgeous and unique! I hate boring and common!

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