Arsty Chick: Carrie Ryan Falquist

15 Jan

I am so lucky to be surrounded by female artists. They amaze me every day with their ability to take a picture in their head and transfer it to canvas or sculpture. This particular artist is perhaps my closest friend. I count her as a sister, really. She is Auntie to my daughter, verbal sparring partner to The Man and everything to me. Today, Kittens, we salute Rocker Mom. Whimsical, still life, wild life- and perhaps her best art- nudes. And every thing in between. In my office is a painting of a perfectly me bright pink stiletto. In our dining room- the most breath-taking nude I have yet to see. When The Man saw the painting- he had to have it- and he is an expert on the nude lady front. She’s coming to my house in a few weeks to paint one of her fantastic winged women mixed with a piece of a liberated woman art I love. Custom for me. That’s what is wonderful- express your vision and Carrie makes the translation to an original one of a kind piece of art. She paints custom room or wall sized murals, too.

Where to find her:

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  1. christina January 15, 2012 at 11:24 PM #

    I love the top painting carrie!

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