Weekly Wrap Up 1.7.12

7 Jan

Big Shit Happening: I have no idea who, what or why….but this happened this week. If you are responsible for this- please do it again every week. I will send you a gift- maybe even sleep with you. This was a fucktastic surprise…..15,608 blog hits from Monday to Today. Epic.

Quote: “I’d settle for someone to hold my hair back for me”- Stacey Bell on HBP Face Book in response to this:

Most read bloggity post: More Lies From Mommyland– this little bite in the ass got passed around like herpes at a swinger’s party. Must be because every one loves the truth…unless you happen to be about 8 1/2 months pregnant right now. Then maybe you don’t want to read this.


Favorite Pic: With 38 likes and 12 shares…

 What’s New: How about some new Dirty Dictionary word bombs? Coming this week!

Best Bloggity Post I Read: Because my epic go to alibi/ drunk dial /bitch wrote it. And because it’s about The Girl and the wedding shit storm at hand. Yes, planning a wedding in a few weeks is quite easy when you can just hey, “Hey Carrie, Marianne and Tori…will you bitches take care of this so I can not lose my mother fucking mind?” and they are like, “Hells yeah! We love the shit out of weddings!” and I get to go back to writing, sipping wine and NyQuil and general fucktardery. If you don’t have any go to honey badgers in your life- you better get busy getting some. But don’t try to take mine because I will scratch out your eyes.


 Keep it fabulous, Kittens! I sincerely appreciate your stalking me and passing me around to your friends !


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