Wet Sticky Blanket Surprise

5 Dec

Last night I spent some time brainstorming and getting my media calendar together for 2012- which entails scheduling posts, graphics, photo shoots , interviews and marketing. After all of that work and forcing creativity , I was supposed to write a new post. I was less than inspired. I hate to try to make up a topic- I like to just be surprised by an idea- I think that is the core of creative writing: surprises. I went to bed to turn off my brain by reading (I am currently reading the Game of Thrones series of four bigger than my head books, which I find brilliant and exceeds my expectations in the imagination department). I fell asleep sans a cure to my writer’s block.

Three A.M. rolled around and Tiger (the neighbor’s outside cat that has adopted us because we feed him and let him in the house when he needs shelter) wanted out to pee. He refuses to use a litter box but will meow to be let out to poop. I stumbled out of bed, tripped on the dog and went to open the back door for him. He stopped on his way out and gave pause, looked up and came right back inside. WTF, dude! You just woke me up for this! I focus a little more and then pick up Tiger to hug and kiss his nose. He woke me up for THIS! Inspiration wrapped up tightly in a  wet sticky blanket of surprise snow. I love that cat.

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