Dressing Up For Halloween?

29 Oct

Wanna be featured in a blog post next week? Send your Halloween costume pics to me at cat -at -honeybadgerpress -dot -com by Tuesday night! The creepiest, scariest, naughtiest and most creative get to be in the post! Wait to you guys see Carrie’s Whips & Chains Zombie get up!

Make sure you include your name and what your are dressed up as . Both will be in the post. So , if you don’t want your boss to see you dressed as a slutty tranny, your boyfriend to see you out with another guy, etc., I suggest a pseudo name that no one will search for you under. Tell me what you are dressed as in case I am half way into a bottle on wine at posting time. Pretty sure my guessing and logic abilities will be impaired. You don’t want to send me a picture of you dressed as a banana and I tell the world you to look at a giant yellow vibrator. M’kay?

And now for the legal fucktardery:

If you send in your pictures, including those of your kids, you are giving me permission to post them here, on Face Book, Twitter and they will possibly be shared, passed around, printed , etc. by Jeebus knows who. Knowing what kind of content I write, you likely can figure out I am hoping fo the mature crowd pictures  SO know that when you send them in I have ZERO control over who sees them. If you are worried about creepers snagging a pic of your kid- then use some sort of software to black out their face. OK? Okay.

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